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The birthday

Out of the wound into this world

The counter ticks.... does is matter?

After all we are all made of matter

Any age would never matter!!


From day one we count add a day

Every 365 days marks a birthday

A joyful celebration for the day

A wonderful gift for life today


It may seem the body makes its mark

Every number adds to a spark

Another year added by a year

What have we got to fear?


Age is just a number

All we need is life

Life is just a process

All we need is progress


What is important is to feel good

Health is a precious gift from God

In Love is how we should feel

Wealth is just acquired.....

Riches are not required.....


Live the life, enjoy in good health

Respect yourself at any age

As there is no time to reach a stage

Until the day has come to be

Reborn to live eternal life


So age is just an number

Never count or ever wonder

All those candles on the cake

Are just making us look fake

But hey .... it’s your birthday so it’s time to enjoy your lovely bake !!!

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