About Joseph Casapinta

Joseph Casapinta was born on the 26th November 1965. From a very young age his passion for art and creativity developed and intensified with every brush stroke. Surrounded by relatives and friends with a keen talent for graphics and the visual arts, this stimulated his fantasy and imagination.

Casapinta started out as a graphic artist, a competent illustrator and technically remains a most highly talented pen and ink observer of all things mundane. His pen and ink works are impeccably delicate and to the point, incisive and indicative of his interpretation of romantic corners of perception.

Throughout the years, Casapinta has experimented in various mediums taking on a new dimension when major enthusiasm kicks in. Creating collections made up of moods and transitions that exquisitely materialized in the release of what could be, his art has lead us to appreciate an artistic conscience in the making. Few artists have dared as much.

Collections on canvas, wood-panels or paper show his Dynamic Realism, bright and explosive colour palette. Knife strokes build powerful abstract forms yet passionate and bold. The love for his homeland, his way of up-bringing, the culture, traditions, all reflected in his Art that has become a way of life.



The ‘agressiveness’ he achieved with his blues and greens in previous collections and phases with an emotional inquietudine, have a sense of struggle that surfaces in an angry sea, in a sky with dark clouds of an impending storm, in gnarled or twisted trees. The sky, the sea, the land – rocks, hills, terraced fields and the solitary countryside chapel and lane inspire the artist to express lyrical scenes of great emotional beauty.

His Reds, Orange and Purple melting town scenes create atmospheric moods with emotional vigour, the lyrical sentiments of a romantic.

His love for Impressionism, masters such as Monet, Renoir, Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh and ‘in some cases more aggressively Turner’ have lead him to an optimistic approach preferring to capture a scene with perfect visibility or changes it on purpose to look limpid, clear, and simple, with a vibrant colour and brilliant light.

With his exceptional drawing skills and being proficient in any medium he controls, acrylic and oils, his has lately diverted his passion in art to the use of watercolours, This medium has has lead him to show from where the artist started. Although known for his impressions of rural scenery, Casapinta is now producing urban scenes, sea and landscapes, exploring new subjects and ways to express his vision through his outdoor painting reaching a new level of technical ability, maturity and strength both locally and abroad.