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I wonder

Some times I wonder

Some times I try

Things I’ve lost some I’ve gained

Yet the thoughts that always come

Are the ones I’ve always failed

Today it’s one of those bloody days

All leading to these fucking ways

I’ve got to get the hang of it

Stand and believe in what’s in me

It’s sad to feel this way at the start

Everything I’ve lived to

All the things ive worked for

It’s an uphill struggle finding the path ..... or should I try ..... just play the part.


There are moments, days, weeks & months

All I do is just pass through

Nothing to live for but just to do

Living to go by

Existing just standing by


The mind plays tricks

The heart just keeps the ticks

The stomach gets to rumble

My whole body starts to tumble


I wonder how I wonder when

I’ll learn to see and look ahead

I wonder now if it’s too late

I’ll find my way to regain my faith


I wonder, I wonder. along and ponder

Will I make it to eternity or to an abyssal void.

As for now I’ll just wonder!

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