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Morning sun

It’s been a restful night

Only to make me feel right

To wake, stand and walk

To the morning sun


first shine at the break of dawn

A sign of heat shimmers ahead

A walk to get me drawn

To a peaceful state in my head


A dream to be at some place cool

A dream to be at some sitting stool

Overlooking an outbound sea

Out to the horizon feeling free


It’s the morning sun a sign to start

A day has dawned to part again

To all the goals for one to gain

Setting the mind away from pain


the morning sun gives me light

To where the road leads me alight

The will to live and face the truth

To the sweetened taste of a daily fruit


It’s only what we believe

It’s only who we are

It’s only what we do

It’s only what is true

It’s only what is right

This is the way to the morning sun

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